Decorating With Carpet Squares – A New Floor With Little Work

If you are considering redoing a room or several rooms in your home, you should think about using carpet squares. Traditionally, rolled carpet is what is found in a home, but new squares of carpeting can provide a variety of options as a floor covering. These are interlocking squares which can be placed almost anywhere. They can also be used to create a design on the floor or a contrasting border.

These squares are easy to install and work similar to tile squares. There is no need to unroll yards and yards of carpet and to try and figure out how to trim the carpet to fit the room. The squares are simply placed on the floor and then interlocked to create a carpeted area. The end result looks just like a fully carpeted floor, but without the hassle.

When you are considering a floor covering, compare prices between traditional carpeting and squares. You may find that you can save a great deal of money by installing squares instead of rolled carpet. It can be difficult to measure a room for rolled carpet, so often we end up purchasing more than the need. Then we end up with carpet remnants that we must store or throw away. What a waste of money.

Using squares of carpet allows us to be much more precise in our measurements and it is much easier to ensure you only buy the material you need. Squares allow you to narrow the measurements down to the inch and if they are too big, they are easily trimmed.

These squares are usually available in 18″ x 18″. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. The pile of the squares is generally not as thick as with rolled carpeting, but they are available in several grades of thickness.

They are available  with adhesive already on the backs or you can apply your own adhesive before installing the squares. You may even be able to use double-sided tape, although it is usually better to use a carpet adhesive. Some squares are available as peel and stick which is a very easy way to install carpet. The only tools you will need for installation are a straight edge and a carpet knife.

The squares must be installed on a clean floor, so ensure there is no dust or debris in the area where you will be installing the squares.

Carpet squares are easy to install and can add color and style to your room. There are many varieties available and you are sure to find one that fits with your home decor.