Finally Got The Green Oak Frames I Wanted For My Home

I was searching around on Pinterest one day just looking for ideas to update the look of my home. I wanted to do something different to it, but I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I found some really great ideas on Pinterest, but what really grabbed my interest was green oak frames on homes I found. I really loved this look. It was unique and I knew it would look so nice on my home. I just had to find the right contractor to do the job for me.

I went to Facebook, which is where I like to ask for recommendations for things like this. It is much easier to ask a wide range of friends here and get information than it is to talk to them in person. I posted a status and asked for recommendations for contractors that do green oak frames in the area. I didn’t check Facebook for a few hours and when I finally did, I had a few responses for contractors. One of my friends even left a pictures of the work she had done on her home. It was pretty impressive and the contractor had a Facebook page I could look at to see more pictures of their work. I really liked their work and they had such great reviews, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with hiring them and I wanted to call them to set up an appointment to get an estimate and discuss what exactly I wanted done.

Later that day after I got off of work, I called the contractor to see when I could meet up with them in person. They were able to come over the next day to discuss what I wanted done. After talking to him, I knew he was going to do just what I wanted done with my home.

A few days later the contractor started working on my home and it wasn’t long before it was all done. I watched the whole process and was happy with it the entire time. I never questioned if I would like it while they were working on it.

I love the new update I did to the exterior of my home and think it looks so great. I am happy with the choice I made to get it done and hiring this contractor to do it for me.