May 21, 2024

5 unique reasons why you should get a linen jacket in 2021

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Linen is considered a premium material. It has many unique and amazing properties that make it an excellent material choice for clothes. And in this article, we would like to focus on one type of linen clothes, in particular – linen jackets. From the outside looking in, you might ignore the fact that a linen jacket is very versatile and completes almost any look. But what if you need more persuading? Let us give you five whole reasons and motives, why you could and should get a linen jacket in 2021!

No. 1 – It goes with anything

For centuries, people all over the world have worn linen clothes. This makes it a fabric with many styles and options to wear it with. For example, you can confidently pair denim pants or a white blouse with a darker linen trench coat or jacket. In general, a linen trench coat or jacket is a strong contender to become a staple in your capsule wardrobe. Wear it and you can confidently go casual or slightly more dressy.

No. 2 – A linen jacket is made from natural fibers

In a world where a large part of the fashion industry is overfilled with synthetic and artificial fabrics, it’s good to find something that’s natural. Well, every linen jacket for a woman is manufactured from natural ingredients. This adds a nice touch and bonus points for what already is a great piece of clothing!

No. 3 – You can find many great fits

A short jacket, a linen trench coat, a longer jacket, a blazer, and many more fits are available for you to choose from. If one isn’t your cup of tea, you can move to the next one until you find something that fits perfectly. Remember to think about your body shape to choose what’s most flattering. Also envision particular outfits to make the best selection.

No. 4 – It’s breathable

When you get a linen coat, you might be surprised how light it feels when you first put it on. Despite the unique texture and feel, every linen coat and jacket (and clothing from linen, in general) have tremendous breathability. Air is able to freely circulate in and out, allowing you to feel comfortable wherever, whenever.

No. 5 – A linen jacket is demi-seasonal

Breathability also adds more versatility, making this jacket suitable for both warmer and colder weather. Depending on the length and the fit, you can definitely wear it with confidence. You won’t feel cold during a chilly breeze, nor you’ll be exhausted by the heat during a scorching summer’s day. It’s the best of both worlds, really. We can also suggest having both a lighter jacket and a longer linen trench coat in your wardrobe for extra function and versatility. But, if you have only one linen jacket, it’s better for it to be versatile enough to be worn throughout spring, summer, and autumn.

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