May 21, 2024


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Many men are guilty of buying the wrong type of hats and caps. The truth is, men’s hats and caps are a challenging conundrum even for fashion connoisseurs. Unlike other accessories like belts or watches that offer a wide range of acceptable matches, it is always one hat or two that can complete any given look.

Additionally, there are so many men’s hats and caps to choose from that you may be spoilt for choice. But worry not. Here are the key things not to overlook when shopping for men’s hats and caps.

The type of hat or cap

This is the most critical factor. There are so many men’s hats and caps that serve different functions. Choosing the right one may be a challenge, but knowing its functionality and the kind of outfit you intend to match can help you out. Some ordinary men’s hats include:

  • Men’s fedoras- a fedora with a suit and tie was once the leading fashion in the business world. Fedoras have an indented crown with a soft brim of about 2.5inches or more and are versatile for accessorizing both formal and casual looks.
  • Baseball caps- these are versatile among men and women and offer sun protection on your forehead.
  • Cowboy hats are ideal when you don’t want the sun to reach your neck and face as they come in different sizes.
  • Other types include Panama hats, bucket hats, brimless hats, flat caps, boonies, beanies, etc.

Get a style that doesn’t make you look odd or out or funny.


Look for a men’s hat or cap hat that offers you comfort when wearing it. For instance, you need a hat with a small brim that doesn’t obscure your eyes if you are going hiking. If you want a cap to wear when running, it should be breathable and well-fitting not to be blown by the wind. In most cases, you will wear the hat on a sunny day to help you cool down, so it should be breathable or well ventilated on the sides.


You should also evaluate how protective the hat is. Men’s hats and caps are ideal for protecting you against harmful UV rays, but they should offer adequate protection. If looking for a hat for sun protection, ensure it has a wide brim to cover your face and neck. If it doesn’t, ensure you wear sunscreen on exposed areas.

The color

Pick a color you will feel comfortable wearing. Keep in mind that dark colors such as black, dark brown, red, and dark grey absorb heat faster and may heat your head more when in the sun. In contrast, lighter colors like whites and creams do not heat the head and fade less.


Ensure the sizing of the hat suits your head. When buying online, shop with your head measurements and remember that every brand has different sizing. Check the brand’s size chart beforehand, and if you can seem to find a perfect fit, always size up.

Your face shape

Some people will look good in some men’s hats while others look odd, and that is because face shapes differ and some hats do not match some face shapes. So, consider your face shape when shopping for men’s hats.

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