May 21, 2024

Don’t let your Yoga Bag get in the way of your Zen.

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If you are somebody who enjoys the art of yoga, then you probably spend a fair amount of close-up and personal time with your yoga mat. Practicing a host of different positions and techniques whilst experiencing the ultimate escape from mind and body, most of us become quite acquainted with our yoga mats.

“It’s all in the bag, baby”

Where do you practice though? Where ever you choose to practice you will surely need to carry your mat from time to time and in which case are probably well aware of just how difficult they can be to juggle. That is where the phrase, “It’s all in the bag, baby” begins to really make sense. There are different varieties of ‘carriers’ available ranging from something as simple as a harness or ‘strap’ right the way through to fully functional yoga bags.

One thing is for sure though, most people go for a yoga bag due to their practicality and choices of materials and designs. You want to be as proud of your bag as you are of your body and in which case, you could make a real statement. Here’s a little look at what is on offer.

One-for all and one for-all

If you are happy with something very basic and generic then you might want to go for a strap or a sling although they are very much the same. The former only really helps to keep things together, as well as your hands, though which could become a bit tricky. The latter as you probably already know is simply a ‘strap’ which you throw over your shoulder, does the job, but doesn’t really do much else, nor does it say much about one’s character.

Make a real impression

Yoga mat bags on the other hand can say something altogether different. What a great invention they are, some even come with pockets for things like mobile devices, keys, purses or wallets, some even have pockets on the inside for extra safety. One of the best things, apart from the look is that by keeping your mat in a bag, it will keep it clean and protected against and natural elements.

You want to ensure that not only does your bag look good, but that it is also strong and will last you some time, going for something made of 100% cotton should do the trick. Now all that’s left is to make that all enchanting statements and go for a design that matches your personality, with so many choices, you can be as refined or as loud as you wish.


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