May 21, 2024

Everything to understand about the features of cordless vacuum cleaners

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All cordless vacuum cleaners like MOOSOO pet hair-X8 would have several similar features. In this article, let us discuss some of them in brief.

Better battery 

The first thing to consider when looking for a cordless vacuum should be the battery life and performance of your device. If the battery is not good, your cleaning process will not be peaceful. You will not be able to complete cleaning your home if you have large floors with a low-performing battery. So, it is advisable to check for battery life before you buy a cordless vacuum. You can consider the following features to confirm the battery life of the device.

Runtime – If your battery is operating for a long time, you can consider that it has a longer runtime. For instance, a battery of a runtime of one hour will run continuously for an hour once it is fully charged before the operation. So, you should always select a battery that has a runtime of about one hour or more. Some devices will have runtimes ranging as low as 10 minutes to 20 minutes. However, your runtime will not be a fixed one. It will vary depending on the power you fix in the device settings. A machine running at full capacity will have lower runtime than the one operating at optimal power.

Charging duration – You would know that anything that is put into charging will take some time to get charged completely. The same goes for the case of cordless vacuum devices also. In this case, the charging time may go as much as ten hours. So, it is necessary to know your device’s charging duration to keep it in charge way before its requirement on the floor. If you do not know the duration, there will be unnecessary delays and stoppings in your cleaning process. However, it is better to find a machine that gets charged completely in a short span. Else, you would have to wait for so long for the machine to get boosted up.

Swapping batteries – Another cool feature that could add value to your cleaning experience is the ability to change batteries whenever they get drained. In these models, you will get an extra battery that could help you in times when one battery gets drained in the middle of a cleaning process. So, it is advisable to find cordless vacuums that come with double or more batteries for emergency purposes.

Handheld system 

Another feature that will be common in cordless vacuums is the ability to convert the device into a compact handheld cleaner from a long-stick mode. If you want to clean the floors, you can try the stick mode. When you are about to clean a small place, you can convert it into handheld mode by removing the stick. Both modes will be comfortable to clean the floors and carpets.


The last thing to consider while buying a cordless vacuum is the capacity of debris collection.

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