February 22, 2024

How do I take care of my mod batteries?

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With any device or machine, proper maintenance is crucial to establishing a reliable performance and durability. Vaporizers are not any different as they can easily break down when less care is given. Negligence can have you buy new smoking devices every time which only culminate to unnecessary expenditures. You should look up the different care techniques available to use for an elongated use of your batteries. Remember without good batteries you are not going to enjoy quality vaping sessions. Here are some few care techniques that can come to your help in terms of lost vape battery maintenance.

Are you using the recommended charger?

Most rechargeable devices can be very adamant to the recommended charger. Using other chargers to charge your vape device is advised against considering the potential damage they could cause to your device. Your device needs a certain amount current to run and using a charger that gives more power than it needs may corrupt the system. With that effect, stop asking for chargers from your friends; just go online or to the nearest vape shop near you to buy the right charger for your vape device today.

Replace original batteries with original batteries

Like every other thing, batteries are also subject to the law of tear and wear. Any mishandling or overusing can result to an incompetent or even a spoilt battery. You should not be in rush to replace your mod battery for you to buy fake ones. Pay attention to what you are buying; a little research can even help you be on the right side of things. The scam online stores can sell you low quality batteries today that breakdown faster than you can fathom. It may be costly but spending a lot once to get an original battery can save you from unnecessary future expenses on the same.

Use safe containers to carry them

There are various kinds of batteries for mods today. This change with the introduction of new mod models each with a unique set of batteries. You should know that some vapes do not have inbuilt batteries as you may assume, some models come with external batteries that you connect to the mod for you to smoke. How you carry these batteries matter a lot which is why you are given special containers to carry them in. You do not want to risk carrying them around considering they can easily blow up when they come into contact with metallic contents in your pocket for instance coins.

Avoid overcharging the batteries

Read the manual for you mod carefully and know how long it needs to fully recharge. The time varies from one mode to the other so pay attention to details. You should not attempt to leave your vape on a charger for the whole night like you do to your other devices. This is never good for its batteries since it accumulates more charge than it needs and starts deteriorating in quality the more time goes by.

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